Our all-volunteer staff manages all the operations of Bards of Birmingham.


Laura Coulter, Executive Director

Laura is the founding director of Bards of Birmingham and spearheads the artistic vision for the organization. Her background includes non-profit work in poverty alleviation and education. Since she doesn't get a paycheck from Bards, she works full time at UAB as the Events and Operations Administrator for The Edge of Chaos. Laura has two daughters, two stinky and obnoxious cats, too many books to fit on her shelves, and a neurosis for Shakespeare.


Pam Walston, President, Board of Directors

Pam has been with Bards from the beginning, helping to found the company in 2010. Since that time, she has served as President of the Board and official photographer. Pam also serves as Executive Director of the Birmingham Girls Choir, and works full time as a teacher at Creative Montessori School in Homewood. 



Stephanie Lamphere, Vice President

Stephanie jumped head-first into the Bards after her daughter, Lauren, debuted as a goddess in Shakespeare's The Tempest. After learning how to run lights and sound to assist in Bards productions, Stephanie agreed to serve on the Board of Directors. Since that time, she's handled facilities and logistical issues and worked as a stage manager, as well as making her own debut on stage (first with the Park Players' The Merry Wives of Windsor, and then as Sybil in Orpheus Goes to Hadestown). Stephanie's day job is as an administrator and web designer.

LaSheree Davis, Treasurer

LaSheree teaches English at Ramsey High School and Lawson State Community College and has been involved in education in some capacity for nearly 30 years. She followed her son, Dorian, into the Bards, and has been an indispensable part of their operations ever since. She has acted as house manager for numerous plays, as a vocal coach, and even as a choreographer.

Morgan Walston, Secretary

Morgan began acting with Bards of Birmingham at the age of 14, and now attends college at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is a member of the belly dance troupe Devyani, and performs and travels with them extensively. She's appeared in numerous theatrical productions in and around the Birmingham area and is an accomplished singer.

Steven Cullen, Head of Technology

Steven Cullen joined the Bards of Birmingham in 2011 and quickly became an indispensable member of the Board. He manages the technological needs of the Bards, including website development, light engineering, sound systems, and training young Bards in these areas. His skills also extend into the acting arena; Steven has appeared on stage in several productions, both with Bards of Birmingham and other local theatre companies.

Terry Hermes, Community Liaison

Terry Hermes is one of the most reliable mentors in Bards of Birmingham, serving as a tremendous example and source of encouragement for young actors in Bards productions. First joining Bards in the 2013 production of King Lear in the title role, Terry took an active part in coaching novice actors in that production and subsequent endeavors. Terry is a mainstay of the Birmingham theatre scene, acting extensively in productions throughout the area, and boasts an impressive acting resume. 

Lindley Praytor, Marketing and PR

Lindley's background in film production is a perfect complement to her work with Bards of Birmingham. She's engaged every aspect of production from running backstage to assisting kids with memorization to running concessions to house management to makeup and hair.