So You've Been Cast . . . 

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Here's What You can Expect

All rehearsals are closed. This means that only members of the cast and crew are permitted to attend rehearsals, and parents will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome on opening night. Parents are not permitted to watch rehearsals. If your child is not mature enough to function without you at a rehearsal, they are not mature enough to be in a Bards production.

All rehearsals will be staffed by at least 2 non-related adults for your child's safety. 

The rehearsal schedule will involve 2 workshops: one on performing Shakespeare, and one on the play itself and the era in which it is set. Weeknight rehearsals will typically involve smaller groups; Saturday rehearsals typically involve the working of whole acts.

No electronics are permitted at rehearsals. This includes cell phones. Actors can turn cell phones on at the conclusion of rehearsal in order to communicate with parents about rides, etc. No electronic game-playing devices are ever permitted.

Permitted items at rehearsal: scripts, books, notebooks, sketchbooks, pens and pencils. We recommend actors spend "down-time" at rehearsal working on their lines. There will be time during rehearsals during which actors are not on stage, or are waiting to work on their scene. This time is best spent going over new material or reviewing learned material. 

Memorization deadlines are strictly enforced. The rehearsal schedule will include specific deadlines for being "off-book" on a given act. Failure to meet a specific memorization deadline could result in being replaced on the cast.

Attendance policies are strictly enforced. A play simply cannot come together without all of the actors rehearsing together in the same place at the same time. No, you can't be ready for the play if you're rehearsing your lines in your room alone. 3 absences are permitted, which should allow everyone time to get sick and have a family vacation. More than 3 absences may result in being replaced on the cast, at the director's discretion.

Bards of Birmingham enforces a strict no-bullying policy. Name calling, belittling, criticizing, and especially physical violence are never tolerated. Bullying behavior will result in immediate expulsion.

Youth actors can be (and have been) expelled due to bad behavior on the part of a parent. Bad parental behavior includes, but is not limited to: open criticism of the other actors, whisper campaigns, verbal or physical belligerence, and generally making a pain of yourself. Life is too blessed short to have to deal with that nonsense.