Shakespeare’s “Henry V”

The world has we know it has been destroyed; resource wars culminating in nuclear apocalypse have left humankind fragmented and desperate. In this desolate landscape, two kingdoms emerge: France and England.

France, wealthier and better resourced, denies England’s claims on any of its territories. But the young and resolute King Henry refuses to accept their denials, and leads an outnumbered and beleaguered force into hostile French territory.

Come witness Shakespeare’s classic as you have never seen it before: be part of the graphic and timeless adventure.

Parents are cautioned that some of the material is violent and may be disturbing to younger viewers.

All performances, May 3 - 12, will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham, at 4300 Hampton Heights Drive in Homewood.

Trigger warning: sounds of gunshots, sounds and scenes of battle.