In October of 2013 at the Alabama Renaissance Faire, the Willing Hams of the University of North Alabama challenged the Bards kids to a Shakespeare-off, and reserved stage space for that purpose. This was an epic Shakespeare battle - all the more impressive because it was totally impromptu. Everyone performed only what was already in their repertoire.

The full production of Shakespeare's Richard III, set in gangland America, featuring a young female Richard who longs to be king.

4 young actors perform a famous and memorable scene from Shakespeare's As You Like It. Rosalind, who is in love with Orlando, is pretending to be a man. Orlando loves Rosalind in return - but has no idea that she is the young "man" he's talking to. Meanwhile, Phebe the shepherdess is in love with Rosalind BECAUSE she thinks Rosalind is a man. And Silvius, the shepherd, is in love with Phebe. It's a mess, Shakespeare-style.